Orange iPod Shuffle

How many times have you lost something and as you look for a replacement, you end up getting something identical to the one you lost?

That happens to me a lot… shoes… shirts… wallets.

It happened again today. A few weeks ago, I lost my orange iPod shuffle. Today, I bought a brand new orange iPod shuffle. Nobody would have guessed I lost the old one.


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  1. SUN JUN says:

    grabe! iba na talaga ang milyonaryo! perks of japan and (SG)! and being an OFW ^^picture of your orange ipod naman ^^ naks! orange! hapon na hapon kana ^^


  2. Hehe. Kung milyonaryo ko, hindi Shuffle binili ko. Hehe.


  3. shiera says:

    rico… pag feel mo na mawawala ulit ang shuffle mo, padala mo nalang sa akin ha? \(^0^)/


  4. haha. if only i can tell kung kelan sya mawawala. hehe.


  5. SUN JUN says:

    ndi kaya … if you only need an mp3 player, the shuffle is very nice. 2gb can be limiting at times nga lang specially if you don’t to keep on synching with your PC. ^^kung d ka milyonaryo you have been contented with the MP3 player on the cellphone setup lang hehe ^^


  6. Ayan SunJun, yung bagong avator ko, kasama na yung aking second orange ipod. Hehe


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