Shinkawa Blue Skies

On this bright sunny Saturday morning, I visited all nine (!) bridges connecting Shinkawa to the rest of Tokyo. It’s a good excuse for an exercise and is also a good way of exploring the neighborhood.

I see Shinkawa as a small “island” surrounded by bridges and rivers including the huge Sumida River to the east. I’ve heard people call it the Venice of Tokyo because of all these water channels.

It is so small, there are no train/subway stations in Shinkawa. The nearest subway stations would be Kayabatcho and Hatchobori, which are not that far away anyways.


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  1. SUN JUN says:

    i see you have reignited your love (fetish? hehe) for bridges. hehehe ^^ had problems with the video …ndi siya nagplay sa PC ko (must be becoz of the slow connection 😦 )maganda ba google video? a new tool introduced by my tech guru hehe ^^


  2. hehe. oo nga no. meron nga akong collection ng bridges pictures from 7 years back.the only reason why i posted that video in google videos is because youtube won’t accept videos longer than 10 minutes.


  3. grace says:

    rics, you should try the river cruising, the boat will pass all that bridges.


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