Rico Plays Mario

My first goal after getting my piano was to learn how to play the Super Mario Brothers theme song. This is the finished product (for now). Well, it’s a work in progress. It’s still nowhere near the level of the great Martin Leung but I’m getting there.

I think.

I hope.


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  1. shiera says:

    wow! grabe.. daming hobbies and skills!


  2. Sim says:

    ano ba yan, mario. hehe.


  3. grace says:

    Judging at the fingers, I’d say great! I have to bring my earphone for PC tomorrow to hear the music as I am reading this from work, in office hours hehe.


  4. naks. you can tell just by looking at the fingers? hehe.


  5. Adventure Island naman next! 🙂 Meron ka na Super Paper Mario sa Wii?


  6. Oonga. I should learn Adventure Island… that’s the very first cartridge that we bought after getting our Family Computer… when I was in 4th Grade.


  7. rt says:

    hey rico! that was pretty good. Oddly, I just saw Martin Leung in concert… he’s pretty funny to watch… but at one point his hands were blurring… it was crazy.I also saw Koji Kondo… the original creator of the theme! He even performed!!! It was at “Video Games Live” in San Francisco. I went with my high school friend from Canada, Sophia, and her american husband Alex. They both love video games and music (she teaches piano and writes video game reviews)


  8. wow! you saw Martin Leung live? I envy you. I hope he comes to Tokyo. 🙂


  9. SUN JUN says:

    akala ko may bow pa in the end hehe ^^ wow! hanep!magkano naman ang piano na yan hihi ^^


  10. buti na lang pala hindi ako nag-bow in the end or else pagtatawanan mo ko. hehe.


  11. kat says:

    super talented tlga… im so impressed!!! haha!!!


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