Firefox and YouTube

When using Ubuntu‘s latest 7.04 (codename Feisty) release, Firefox and YouTube don’t work well together. Firefox hangs when exploring the YouTube site!!!

This bug is so irritating, I believe it is enough to stop a LOT of people from using Firefox and Ubuntu altogether. Too bad. This had to happen just when I was starting to like really like Ubuntu and very close to recommending it to my friends.

As I commented in the bug page, this seems to be not a problem with the flash plugin but more like an issue in Gecko, the underlying technology used by Firefox and other Mozilla-based browsers (Epiphany for example).

The exact same plugin works without problems in Opera, which doesn’t use the Gecko layout engine.


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  1. hoop says:

    This happened to me too in my previous computer when I upgraded my flash plugin… that’s why on my desktop I didn’t bother to upgrade it anymore 😀


  2. You did the right thing. Right now, I’m switching between Opera and Firefox. Opera when I feel like visiting flash-heavy sites. Firefox for all other occasions.I would have moved entirely to Opera if not for lack of support from Google and my Japanese language input.


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