Flying Back To Kagoshima

I’m flying back to Kagoshima.

Not for good though. I’ll just be there for four days. I already have my plane and hotel reservations. The only thing left for me to do is to get the necessary days off from work and maybe get some Tokyo omiyage for my Kagoshima friends.

I miss those people.


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  1. Rob says:

    I miss Kagoshima. U__U


  2. Sim says:

    kaya pala an daming planong lutu-in si menchi. 😉si joy me wii, kasama raw yun sa sportsfest.haha. see u soon.


  3. excited na ko kahit medyo malayo pa yun. pero panu yan sim, i’m unbeatable in wii tennis. i’ll bring my wii-motes with me. hehe.


  4. grace says:

    Golden Weekの里帰りですか?hehehe..ganun talaga ma-mi-miss mo yung place where you “grew up” in Japan! I am missing Kanagawa and my old school.


  5. The original plan was to visit during Golden Week kaya lang too late na nung nagpunta ko sa travel agency… ubus na yung flights. Kaya bisitahin ko na lang sila two weeks after Golden Week.Totoo yang sinabi mo about missing the place where you “grew up” in Tokyo. Hehe.


  6. shiera says:

    Hi na lang sa mga Kago pips Rico!


  7. extend ko sa kanila hi nyo ni dio. pareho kayong alumni ng kago. hehe.


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