If Federer Beats Nadal to Win Roland Garros…

I believe it will surpass his 2001 Wimbledon victory over Pete Sampras as his career’s most cherished victory.

During their 2001 encounter, neither Federer nor Sampras was at their prime. Federer hasn’t peaked yet while Sampras is past his peak. It was a mere transfer of power from one aging tennis great to a younger (10 years younger) tennis great. He cherishes it so much because of two things… Sampras and Wimbledon.

This year, both Federer and Nadal are at their peaks. Nadal is the king of clay. Federer is the king everywhere else. Federer, even though he is thousands of points ahead of Nadal in the ATP Rankings, has never (!) won a clay court match against Nadal.

If he beats Nadal to win Roland Garros…

  • It will be the first time he’ll beat Nadal on clay. (Assuming this doesn’t happen before Roland Garros).
  • He will be one of the few people to achieve the Career Grand Slam (CGS), which even Sampras, the holder of a record 14 Grand Slams, never achieved.
  • He will have all four Grand Slams to his name, last achieved in 1969 by the great Rod Laver.
  • He will have an opportunity to win the Calendar Year Grand Slam (CYGS), also last achieved in 1969 by Laver.

These are exciting times for tennis.


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  1. SUN JUN says:

    Sinabi mo pa!Federer beat Nadal 2-6 6-2 6-0 in the german open! waaaah! The last master’s series before the french!The French open will definitely be exciting! I hope they meet again and the final. Go Federer!


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