Amazing Kagoshima

I didn’t visit any of the city’s famous tourist spots. I didn’t bathe in any of the city’s many popular onsens. I didn’t even party in the city’s many bars and izakayas.

And yet, I had one of the best weekends ever.


Arrived in Kagoshima and went straight to Mary&Joy Global Outlet. Had a 4-hour lunch with good friends. Met new friends. Played outdoor tennis with my Japanese tennis friends. Friend drove me to my next destination. Had light dinner with some Epson friends. Drank, talked and laughed till morning at the University dormitory. Friend got warning from Dormitory Manager for being too loud. Ignored Dormitory Manager.


Had lunch with a close friend at a Czech restaurant with a good view of the bay and the Sakurajima volcano. Had some of the best sweets of Kagoshima on the rooftop of Mitsukoshi Department Store in Kagoshima. Took tram to university gym. Renewed my status as the best Filipino badminton player of Kagoshima (the one person who was better than me has left Kagoshima already). Had quick home-cooked dinner at the dorm. Defeated an up-and-coming challenger to my status as the best Filipino pingpong player of Kagoshima (same as with badminton, the one person who was better than me has left Kagoshima already)… the final score was 5-3. Played pool with the youngest Filipino married couple of Kagoshima. I lost. Sang my heart out at the Karaoke room till morning.


Had a very tasty sushi lunch at a Tsukiji Sushi restaurant even though in Tokyo, I live one subway station away from Tsukiji. Went to church after the mass and had snacks with the priest and church goers. Saw more Filipinos and Japanese friends. Accompanied friends to Daiso 100-yen shop in Tenmonkan. Had okonomiyaki for dinner. Walked back to University dorm. Had good coffee prepared by good friend. Talked about a lot of stuff until we realized it’s already bright outside.


Took taxi back to hotel to avail free breakfast. Tried to get some sleep before checking out at 11:00. Saw a friend on the tram on the way to Mary&Joy. Talked about a lot of stuff. Walked to common friend’s place to invite her for lunch. Walked past my old apartment. New resident has white curtains. Had lunch at the restaurant in front of University. A few more people came over to join us for lunch. Met up with friend to sign papers transferring ownership to my old scooter. Took airport limousine to Airport. Flew back to Tokyo.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. rt says:

    Urayamashii!!!Hagi-chan, Ri-chan…sugoi natsukashii.dochi ga ii no? Kagoshima no Rico, Tokyo no Rico?Ricoh no rico, iin janakatta ja nai no kana?


  2. shiera says:

    nakaka-miss ang kago!sana makapunta ako ulit dun. ^-^


  3. rt, I’m more convinced now that Kagoshima no Rico is so much better off than Tokyo no Rico. What the hell am I doing here?! Hehe.shiera, totally agree with you. Miss ko na nga sya ulit eh. Next time sabay tayo. Hehe.


  4. SUN JUN says:

    wow wow!a few friends in epson are going there next week. Tell Randy to look after them naman o hihihi ^^


  5. rose says:

    wow! grabe ang ikot sa kago. hanep! sulit! sporty mo pre! kainggit!


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