A Stranger Comes To Me

A stranger comes to me, showing me his badge. Asks me where I’m going. Roppongi. Asks me what I’m doing there. Work. Asks me for my passport. Alien Registration Card. Thank you.



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  1. grace says:

    First time? I had that experience last year..even taken into the Koban for showing them a Jap passport!!


  2. First time indeed. Never happened to me in Kagoshima. Ever.Kaya medyo nagulat ako, akala ko mga magnanakaw na nagkukunwaring pulis. Hehe.


  3. shiera says:

    happened to me once here in Osaka… but probably because my flatmate and I were passing through a tunnel at around 12:30am.


  4. SUN JUN says:

    wahahaha finally nabiktima ka na rin hehehe ^^ ayoko ng magmura,sige nalang.buti dala mo passport mo that time ^^


  5. MeemaX says:

    once. at dahil lang kasama akong pinoy na pinoy. most of the time di ako pinapansin hehe…


  6. Si Sun Jun bat kaya nila nahuling hindi Japanese. Hehe.


  7. Torbik says:

    if i were the powlice, i would’ve clubbed you first for being so freaking handsome!ngyahaha!you must’ve looked like a terrorist to the guy. tsk tsk. yaan mo, talgang ganyan pag perstaym…


  8. rt says:

    See your problem is you respect the police!They used to whistle at at me all the time for wearing roller blades around Tenmonkan…just give the the ‘confused gaijin’-look!


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