Blast from the Past

Back to a time when people were younger and life was simpler. The year 2000 was a fun year.


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  1. grace says:

    Rico, what made you feel nostalgic today? Bad weather ba ang Tokyo today? You made me miss Japan all the more!


  2. rt says:

    Rico – it seems lately you are very nostalgic. So many pictures of EPSON. And your friend who I met in Kagoshima. . .. . . I am feeling a bit annoyed at you for not having lunch with me when I was in Tokyo.U__U~~I’m at work on a sunday working on my keitai. You know, I think I liked life back then too…Rob


  3. Hirohide says:

    Hey! Rico-san.What’s happened?What’s made you so nostalgic?Nabe-kun


  4. Charlotte says:

    this is nostalgic! really! i miss my old apartment, even murai and hirooka eki … and of course, you guys!it is probably the weather. been raining all weekend here in tokyo! typhoon! even my mother-in-law called in to check on us, when she heard in the news.


  5. SUN JUN says:

    so many pictures of Epson! wahaha ^^ Went to epson’s family day last saturday. Was good to know that the president and HI are civil with me hehehe ^^indeed year 2000 was a great year ^^kakatuwa yung expression sa mata ni charlotte and jon’s yawn! hehehe ^^


  6. ShIrLeY says:

    Can you believe it’s been 7 years?! I still vividly recall all those memories. That was probably the year I had the most uncontrollable fit of laughter! It used to drive our jap teachers crazy. Wonder when we’ll all meet again. Reunion? 😉


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