Escaping Tokyo

Well not really.

We were still in Tokyo but the scenery is very unlike Tokyo. Today, we conquered Mount Takao (599m), which is probably the most accessible mountain err hill from Tokyo.

Brought me back wonderful memories of my hiking trips in Kagoshima… up Mount Kaimon (922m) and the beautiful mountains of Kirishima… Mount Naka (1345m), Mount Shinmoe (1420m), Mount Shishiko (1428m) and the tallest of them all, Mount Karakuni (1700m).

Come to think of it, I do like hiking. Good thing summer is here and there are so many mountains in Honshu to conquer. I should start planning my hiking trips.

Next stop… Mount Fuji.



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  1. Torbik says:

    you should be climbing them little, soft “mountains” by now. Or have you? hehe.sarap ng may oras para sa mga ganito. send me some pics of you planting little ricoflags on those peaks you’ve conquered. 🙂


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