Big Problem

This problem has been bothering me since this afternoon and I might not be able to sleep because of this.

I can’t find the English word for “makunat”!


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  1. shiera says:

    Apektado na din ako sa problem mo rico… and worse! kasi di ko maintindihan ang “makunat” e. he he


  2. SUN JUN says:

    ndi ba something like not crisp? hihihior kung sa skin … wrinkly na bale … hahahapost mo din pag nasagot mo na ha hehehe ^^


  3. MeemaX says:

    marami kaseng bagay ang pwedeng nagcrispy eh.parang not crispy, at the same time, hard to chew on. hmmm me word na ganun. better ask american friends.hindi ba tough? this steak is tough?


  4. ramil says:



  5. Mukha ngang “stale” yung antonym ng “crispy” pero may mga food naman na hindi stale pero “makunat” eh. Right?I guess there is no one word translation for “makunat”. Oh well, salamat sa mga inputs. Tuwa naman ako dun. Hehe.


  6. jani'e says:

    enrico, in terms of food sensory lingo, “makunat” is the opposite of crisp, which is actually tough or hard. 🙂


  7. gloridel says:

    The closest I could think of is “springy” heard this long time ago during a cooking session. But other synomyns includes chewiness, malleable


  8. SUN JUN says:

    gayahin ko nga tong mga post na ganito … daming comments e! hehehe ^^ style mo rico ha! hehehe


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