One thing my non-Filipino friends find extremely weird about Filipinos is our little birthday tradition of “blow-out“.

Aside from our definition of “blow-out” not being internationally recognized, they just don’t feel right about the idea of the birthday boy/girl having to dish out money (sometimes lots of money) to pay for his/her guests’ food.

I just tell them it’s our way of making sure people actually come to our birthday parties. Hehe.

(Although personally, I’m beginning not to feel right about it too.)


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  1. jani'e says:

    Hehe.. 🙂I’m also enjoying this betsu-betsu thingy na.. Haha..Your practicality is irresistibly contagious! Hehe! 🙂


  2. My husband find it very strange why the birthday boy/girl has to be tortured/extorted on his/her birthday! and I think I kind of agree with him on that.Should it not be the other way around?


  3. Makes more sense, right? No extortion. No expectations. No disappointments.No nagtatagong birthday boy/girl. Everybody’s happy.O baka kasi nasa Japan tayo kaya napapa-agree na rin tayo. Hehe.


  4. SUN JUN says:

    I guess another explanation could be becoz you feel happy and you want to share that happiness to everyone close to you. hehehe ^^ but now, we’re getting older na kasi so we don’t feel that happy as before, so now we want to get treated instead of treating others so that we get to feel happy naman hehehe ^^


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