One Year in Tokyo


Since I am currently on a list-writing spree… here is a list of things I remember about my first year in Tokyo, in no particular order.

  • climbed Mt. Takao and Mt. Mitake
  • moved from a 2.5G phone to a 3G phone
  • enrolled in Tennis school
  • had my whole family in Tokyo for a week
  • entered a billiards tournament
  • got so drunk as to puke on a subway platform
  • biked to almost all interesting places within a 5 kilometer radius from my apartment including Ginza, Akihabara, Tsukiji and Toyosu
  • lined up to be one of the firsts to own a Nintendo Wii
  • jogged around Chuo-ku and Koto-ku
  • gained about 5 kilos… and keep it until now
  • sing a “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang” duet in front of a small crowd
  • watched new year fireworks from Sea Paradise
  • ride and actually enjoyed Dodonpa in Fujikyu
  • went to Disneyland for the nth time.
  • spent at least 10,000 yen every Friday night on food and alcohol
  • stayed overnight ni Hakone
  • watch Side A in Hibiya Park
  • ate lots of Sushi in Tsukiji on a very early Saturday morning
  • learned how to play the Super Mario Brothers Theme Song on the piano
  • switched from black to orange
  • bought my first orange ipod shuffle and lost it on a ski trip
  • bought my second orange ipod shuffle and lost it on my Kagoshima trip
  • took pictures of all bridges surrounding Shinkawa in one sunny morning
  • flew back to Kagoshima to visit old friends and meet new friends
  • signed up to a cable TV service
  • broke my elbow on a snowboarding trip
  • played tennis with a not so perfect elbow
  • drove the streets and highways of Tokyo
  • bought mutual funds and other financial investments
  • went up Tokyo Tower and Roppongi Hills Mori Building
  • bought stuff from Ikea
  • harassed by policemen for being a foreigner
  • bought my first flat-screen LCD TV
  • bought a bicycle from the internet

Not a bad year after all.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Torbik says:

    something i would like to see in your next list:* scout the area for a potential mother for my brood_____________i’d like to see your new bike!


  2. Torbik’s comment is hilarious!! Yeah, I agree you should add that on your list! =)What a year you had! You are having one great life there. Congrats for your one year in Tokyo! Looking forward to more?


  3. shiera says:

    I also agree with torbik!we expect to find that on your list next time =D


  4. rt says:

    Rico, don’t worry, its okay to be single.Well, lately I think of moving to Kagoshima. I seriously consider it at the moment. My first phone is about to ship!!! Its 3G! I am the lead on it : )


  5. reyian says:

    すっげ!I hope I can do this too if ever I can go to Tokyo next month. I like your site. It will give me a lot of information when I go there. Thanks for this site. I hope we can exchange links.


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