Vista is Coming

Last week.

I ordered me a Dell XPS M1330. After much consideration, I decided not to wait for OS X Leopard and just get me the latest and greatest Vista. Ultimate no less.

Why Ultimate?

So it can support downloading the English pack and switching everything to English. I also customized it to come with an English keyboard so it’s consistent with the keyboard I use at the office.

Problem is.

I have to wait four weeks (!) before the dang notebook arrives. It appears they are having production issues blamed at the complexity in painting their notebooks crimson red.

What the.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. shiera says:

    wow! bongga!and.. bongga din nang bagong pic mo! he he


  2. SUN JUN says:

    so you’re getting the crimson one? wow! so different from the rico who would only wear gray and black before hehehe ^^


  3. sugeina says:

    i’m also waiting for leopard.what changed your mind?


  4. dell has great notebooks and offers great service. the only thing that keeps me from buying dell is the way their notebooks they released a notebook that actually looks cool.sold!


  5. rollchan says:

    awww…you should have waited for OS X Leopard, anyway, Dell comps are cool. But mine is s a Sony about a year old na rin and got Vista installed, yeah! hehehehehe! just love sony notebooks. freakishly light but not that stylish, recently though they are, with lid colors. =D


  6. Roll-chan, I did cancel it eventually. Was taking them too long to deliver the dang thing.Therefore, in theory, I am still waiting for Leopard. Hehe.


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