Currency Crazy

Former Philippine president found guilty of plunder. My friend’s initial question – How did the peso react?

Japan prime minister resigns. My initial question – How did the yen react?

Currency crazy.


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  1. rollchan says:

    as for our country, the peso did react, but just a little of those decimal for japan, too bad for mr abe. I’ve been watching this PM ever since he has taken the post, but I guess after all of the scandals, the resignations of his ministers, and the defeat of his party in the upper house election, he is really unpopular.


  2. moogs says:

    hourly update of < HREF="" REL="nofollow">php vs jpy<> on twitter.


  3. Salamat moogs. Hehe.


  4. SUN JUN says:

    i guess it goes with the work you do? hehehe ^^nag improve nga peso pero it’s still hasn’t gained back the points it lost due to the anxiety brought about by announcement of the verdict hehehe ^^


  5. That’s true Sun Jun. We are surrounded by interest rates and exchange rates and what have you.Also, for most people abroad, it’s these numbers that matter more.I think.


  6. Torbik says:

    and the funny thing is, these figures just don’t make sense to the ordinary grassroots pinoy. mahal pa rin ang bigas, sardinas, gulay, etc.


  7. Not really. I guess grassroots Pinoys waiting for dole outs from relatives abroad still care about these exchange rates.Or maybe they don’t. As long as there’s money coming in. Hehe.


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