Calling Philippine Mobiles from Japan

After doing some simple research, I’ve discovered Skype offers the cheapest way to call Philippine Mobiles from Japan at 33 yen/min.

  • Brastel charges 43 yen/min.
  • Softbank charges 72~130 yen/min.
  • NTT charges 85 yen/min.
  • AU charges 129~171 yen/min.

If you know of alternatives, do let me know. Right now, I use Skype when I’m home and Softbank otherwise.


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  1. shiera says:

    Rico!finally… daming updates! ^-^Have you tried Brastel through IP Phone? That’s 20yen. ^-^ ayyy.. di ako sure if it’s landline or cellphone. ^-^


  2. too bad wala akong IP phone. huhu. 😦


  3. Booyah! says:

    hi there! i have a question… which cellphone company do you recommend i subscribe to if i’m gonna stay in kagoshima for 10 months (factoring in coverage and pricing)? i’ll skype for international calls 😀thanks!PS. i’ll be there as an exchange student if that makes any difference.


  4. I may be a little biased here but it really depends on which phone company the people you’ll be calling most will be using.I use Softbank because almost all my friends are using Softbank. Hehe.


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