What Typhoon?

Just realized a typhoon has passed Tokyo.

That explains the heavy rains the whole day yesterday. That explains the broken transparent/translucent umbrellas I saw scattered on the streets of Ginza. That explains why several shops were closed.

I should go back to watching Japanese TV. Ever since I got my cable TV, I get more news about the US and Iraq than news about Japan. Heck, I live in Tokyo and I didn’t even know there was a typhoon in Tokyo.


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  1. hoop says:

    Together with SunJun, we live in Typhoon Free Mindanao… our sentiments exactly *snicker*


  2. More Filipinos should rediscover Mindanao. No typhoons. No earthquakes . No winter. Perfect!Not sure if there are really no earthquakes in Mindanao though. Hehe.


  3. SUN JUN says:

    meron rics, we have earthquakes here. More often than in Cebu daw sabi ng 1 friend ko from Cebu who’s living here na. Pero super minor quakes man na ndi mo ma feel heheheMaganda pala pag inspired ka. Buhay ulit ang blog. heheheGaling nung forex mo ha! turuan mo din ako beh heheheHi hoop!


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