Leopard on a Macbook – My Verdict

More than a week since I got my MacBook, my first Mac, and I think I am ready to write my review.

I definitely love it more than my previous Sony Vaio. The Vaio had a better screen and better speakers but that’s just about it. The MacBook wins in all other aspects. I love both the hardware and the software. Leopard feels cleaner, more beautiful, more elegant than XP. No wonder this is the OS of choice for artsy people.

Skype running on my MacBook is superior to Skype running on my Vaio. Clearly, the MacBook is designed and well-tested for these video conferencing applications. I also agree that it’s designed to best manage photos, music, movies… your iLife!

It’s not all rosy though. There are two things that bother me on a regular basis.

Number one is this slow wireless internet connection problem I am getting with my wireless router. Browsing the web after putting my MacBook to sleep is a disappointingly slow experience. Restarting my wireless router seems to fix the problem 100% of the time. Connecting directly to the wall doesn’t produce this slowness.

Number two is this stupid keyboard freeze problem. It looks like this happens rather randomly and it appears to be a Leopard problem that still has no fix as of the latest release, version 10.5.1.

The good thing is these two appear to be software issues that could hopefully be fixed in the next updates by Apple.

My verdict – wait for the fix for these bugs before you get the Leopard.


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  1. hoop says:

    With your post I suddenly remembered my life as a sysadmin for a manufacturing company… we weren’t early adopters because we were carefule enough not to gamble a $ Million/day production output on the credibility of an untested version upgrade patch… it was usually wait 1-3 weeks before patching, all the while keeping your eyes on the net watching out for horror stories on the performance of the new patch… you would also do the obligatory unit testing on a single pc to see for yourself the performance of that patch. And with that “period” I have officially made my most “boring” post on your blog *snicker*


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