Merry Mutineers

Just this afternoon, a group of rebel soldiers trooped to a Makati hotel (again) to air their grievances against the Philippine government (again).

Haven’t we had enough of this?

It doesn’t worry people anymore. It’s all political masturbation, and Filipinos do it a lot. People are more concerned on how it will affect the peso. At least 10% of Filipinos will be celebrating if it falls… that would include Filipinos working abroad and the families they are supporting.

They will all have a truly merry Christmas.


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  1. Setsu says:

    Sorry Rico, but I’ll have to disagree. This isn’t political masturbation. It’s simply a wake-up call to Filipinos who have long stopped caring over the fact that they are getting screwed by the government in so many ways. You would get upset if you knew that somebody’s doing a number on you right? I know I would 🙂


  2. Hi Setsu… I didn’t know you were the activist type. Hehe.I still think it’s political masturbation… these people just *need* to do it once in a while just for the heck of it.I think it’s so “slave mentallity” to always think you are being oppressed and shortchanged. There are better ways to go about these situations, and they don’t have to involve taking over hotels and city avenues. So cheap. So 1980’s.


  3. Setsu says:

    Haha. Not really an activitist. Yes, taking over hotels and such can be quite tacky. But if it’s the only way to call national attention without hurting people, then I don’t have any problem with it (not that I would dream of doing it myself).By the way, awareness of the fact that you are getting shortchanged when you really are, is not slave mentality. It’s called being sharp. At least when you’re aware of it, you can start doing something about it.Imagining that you are oppressed when you really aren’t… well that’s what I call the telenovela syndrome. 🙂


  4. Charlotte says:

    (sigh) if people will just do what they’re supposed to do in all honesty and integrity, there won’t have this kind’a … situation! (another sigh)on another note (just thinking out loud), i think my family in the phils are suffering from telenobela syndrome! masyado silang ma-drama!


  5. SUN JUN says:

    hahaha si charlotte dito nag labas ng sama ng loob oh hehehe blog about it charm hehehe ^^with a lack of things to do here in davao, i’m getting hooked to telenovelas na din! hope i don’t get that syndrome. I belive my mom has it na rin hehehe ^^eto talaga mga OFW’s oh! always wishing for the peso to go down ^^heheheang masasabi ko lang, mahirap suportahan si trillanes. They wanted a new administration, selected by them, to take over. Hindi rin naman tama. In the past EDSAs, i think kaya naging successful sila kasi ang pumalit naman is either the opposing presidential candidate or the vice president. ^^ pwede rin mga babae … could it be that the right formula would be to use a woman as replacement? ^^


  6. sugeina says:

    if you haven’t had enough of this issue yet (like me who was bored enough to bother posting a comment and ending up starting yet another “mini” debate), read


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