October 30, 2000


I was in Nagano Epson Dorm Room 206. Stephen was in Room 202 while Marlon was in Room 203.

My photo archives are my treasure.


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  1. hoop says:

    Bakit si Steph Pula then kayo ni Marlon Puti? Naughty and Nice ba yon? *kidding*


  2. You are party correct. Hehe.I think red means you’re out of the building while white means you’re in.


  3. SUN JUN says:

    hahaha ^^ truly! your pictures are treasures!i can’t believe you have this picture! thanks for sharing.Couldn’t it be that they ran out of white stickers lang? hehehe ^^ Pero you have a point rics, I was always out! Stayed with Charlotte most of the time. hihihi ^^ I hope I thanked Charlotte na for that. Salamat charms ha! ^^


  4. I also remember manually toggling those whenever I leave or enter the dormitory. Very low-tech for a supposedly high-tech company. Hehe.


  5. shiera says:

    I think I agree with hoop… red’s for the naughty ones. hehe … joke lang steph!


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