Osaka Blogroll

Over the weekend, Meema and myself met up with some friends from Osaka. I realized some of them are also bloggers so I am taking this opportunity to do an Osaka (and Tokyo) Blogroll.

Then the links.

Meema wearing blue – MeemaX OS Journey through Bugs
Rose wearing red- A Record of my Passage
Shiera wearing maroon – Bisdak Babbles
Romsil with dark fur – Blog Warrior
Rico wearing gray – Writings of Enrico Pangan

Come to think of it, I have the least creative name for a blog. Oh well.

Wish you all well and happy blogging!


10 Comments Add yours

  1. romsil got a blog too!regards to all!


  2. Rose says:

    thanks for featuring our blogs. hehe…and thanks for the visit rico! see you when time allows.


  3. @charlotte: anu blog site nya? hindi ko alam yung link.@rose: for sure magkikita uli tayo, either sa Tokyo or sa Osaka.


  4. Finally found Romsil’s blog. Added it to list.


  5. MeemaX says:

    lech! ang laki ng tyan ko. hehehe. for someone depressed, i’m getting fatter. need to slim down (but right after christmas haha)


  6. @meemax: hindi uso diet diet dito sa tokyo. lahat ng tao dito tumataba! hehe.


  7. like the title Rico!and same with rose, thanks for featuring our blogs.It was really nice meeting up with you guys. ^-^hey meems… payat mo na noh. d mo kelangan mag diet.


  8. SUN JUN says:

    The E Gang! It’s funny how one company links as all hehehe ^^ Good thing friendships go beyong the office ^^ miss you all!


  9. Ang galing nga no Sun Jun! I love the way na pag ex-Epson Japan, automatic kaibigan natin. We share a lot of things together.


  10. dust says:

    Pinagalitan tayo sa Starbucks ng dahil sa picture na to!


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