Should I Multiply?

It seems some of my friends are getting into Multiply. Even my brother is on Multiply. Half of me is considering creating a new multiply account. The other half is already sick of my oh so many online profiles.

Still thinking.


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  1. SUN JUN says:

    go forth and MULTIPLY! ^^


  2. MeemaX says:

    Multiply is great as a all-in-one networking/blogging/online album site. It handles all of these well, has unlimited storage and has a good update list system that tells you what’s new with your network depending on who you’d want updates from. You can control who sees what. It’s basically an instant website for the lazy people like me.Frankly, it’s great if you have lots of friends who PRIMARILY uses Multiply as their main blog site/online photo album/video server/etc. No need to add their feeds to feed readers. Otherwise, I’d say it’ll be just another account to you.


  3. I’m leaning towards opening a Multiply account. Maybe you’ll see me in Multiply a few days from now. Hehe.


  4. Nah, keeping three (the other one do not need to be known) blogs, I will not multiply. 🙂Besides, I even have a hard time keeping my friendster account alive.


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