Five Years Ago

Five years ago, I was 25, working at Epson in Kagoshima. Hang out mostly with my Japanese friends…

Extra Picture

Filipino friends in Kagoshima…

To Fukuoka and Back 005

and Epson office mates…


And just to answer all the other questions in the questionnaire that’s going around Friendster, I was semi-bald, had no glasses, no tattoos, no piercings, no car, never been arrested, no braces, single.

Now, I’m thirty, I hang out with my Filipino friends in Tokyo…


and tennis friends…


I don’t have semi-bald hair anymore, still no glasses, still no tattoos, still no piercings, still no car, still never been arrested, still no braces and yes, still single.

Five years.


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  1. SUN JUN says:

    ako, after 5 years.may piercing na hehehe ^^ got my left ear pierced. ^^baka meron maganda earrings jan. parang stud lang na unique may jap character dalhan mo naman ako as pasalubong hehehe ^^malapit na bday mo!


  2. sige ba basta may libreng kain sa soon-to-be-established restaurant mo. hehe.


  3. grace says:

    I think you had your fill of happiness in those 5 years (so obvious in the photos, you are all smiles!). Here’s to another five, and hoping you will not say you are still single by then!


  4. Jenny says:

    Rico Yan, wow, your blogs are getting more and more personal, though you might not notice it.Don’t despair, my friend. If you’re at your lowest point, then there’s nowhere else to go but up. Cheer up!


  5. It’s all your fault Jenny! You forced me into all this personal-stuff-in-your-blog thingie. Hehe.Thanks btw. Nowhere else to go but up indeed.


  6. Haha! I never noticed that you changed your hairstyle! Semi-kalbo pala ang style mo nung nasa Kagoshima kami ni Flo. 😀For me, you still look the same, act the same, talk the same… pero with GF na. hehe


  7. @bisdakbabbles: correction po… wala pa ring gf. 😦


  8. @grace: oo nga no hindi nagbago yung smile ko. dapat praktis ako ibang smile para iba naman. hehe.


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