Introducing Pangan Thoughts

You win!

I renamed my blog from “Writings of Enrico Pangan” to “Inside Rico”. You suggested I use “Pangan Thoughts” and you were supported my several of my other friends. It was indeed catchy and meaningful at the same time.

You win, Jheric!


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  1. jheric says:

    It’s not just meaningful, Rico, it’s “doubly” meaningful


  2. I know. That’s why it’s catchy… at least to Filipinos. Hehe.


  3. I like it too! Cute and funny 🙂


  4. Wow! Parang reunion ng mga HS friends ko! Narinig nyo lang yung Pangan Thoughts nagdatingan na kayo! Hehehehe.


  5. jheric says:

    Madadagdagan ang blog traffic mo nyan…


  6. Ok, ma-umpisahan na ang blog traffic sa “Pangan Thoughts”. Weehhhhh!!! Hehe 😛


  7. Let the thoughts begin! 🙂


  8. Torbik says:

    Panganthougths naman o. sige na… isang beses lang… –Me, asking the IT girl to unblock Rico’s blog.


  9. @torbik: Bastos ng IT girl nyo! Hehehe.


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