Tenipuri OVA 18 and 19

Just found somebody sharing Prince of Tennis (Tenipuri) OVA 18 and 19 on the internet. It’s on YouTube from this channel.

Here’s a sample. Here’s the part where Ryoma battles it with Kintaro, Ryoma’s Kansai equivalent.

Amazing point!

It’s in Japanese without subtitles though. But for us tennis fans, it doesn’t matter.


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  1. Sun Jun says:

    i miss prince of tennis!
    OVA ba dapat at ndi OAV?
    How many are out now?

    tenipuri pala tawag nyo hihihi ^^


  2. Sun Jun says:

    i wish i can play like them! hahaha
    amazing point jud. grabe na mga powers nila ha hehehe

    when i first saw the first few eps, with the powers that each player possessed, i was wondering how they would sustain the show later in the season hahaha ^^

    i guess they never ran out of ideas hihihi

    pero i prefer the first few ones kasi mas believable pa hehehe


  3. @sunjun: it seems people do call it OVA and not OAV. and yes, we fans do call it “tenipuri” hehehe.


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