UP Naming Mahal

The University of the Philippines (UP) is celebrating 100 years (Centennial) this year. This is my gift to my Alma Mater — me singing “UP Naming Mahal”.


Happy 100 Years to UP (Since 1908)!


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  1. Jenny says:

    fucking hilarious. rico yan is the best!!!


  2. pareng rico, choreo pa lang, nadama na namin ang pagmamahal mo sa UP nating mahal! 😀 go maroons!


  3. MeemaX says:

    Grabeh Rico! Love your singing! Miss ko na college days huhuhu.


  4. Romsil says:

    go Rico go! 🙂


  5. SUN JUN says:

    galing! napakanta rin ako hahaha ^^may bloopers section pa ^^


  6. ang galing-galing! you’re actually looking at the camera this time! and the bloopers are hilarious!happy centenial to UP!got me thinking, i don’t know how to sing my own college alma mater song!


  7. thank you all! next time, i plan to sing the alma mater song of my high school. hehe.


  8. Torbik says:

    you’re going to sing again? oh no please don’t! 🙂pre, to get a full effect, aside from hitting the notes right, try singing UP Naming Mahal naked. Oble!


  9. @torbik: pansin mo rin pala yung mga off-tunes. hehe. plan ko ngang mag-release ng version 2 with corrected tunes at kumpleto yung dalawang stanzas. hehe.


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