Police All Around

The police are all around my building. Some guy from the upper floors is planning to jump and end his life. I can see it already — my building on tonight’s NHK News.

Oh … My … God!


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  1. hoop says:

    Quick, wear a devil suit (with pitch fork and all) then head on down to the first floor and entice him to jump… that should stop him in his tracks…read that in a cartoon once… But seriously… I hope he doesn’t jump😀


  2. rico! Kumusta na yong balak magsuicide?sana di nya tinuloy…


  3. I left at around 5:30 PM and all I saw were the police packing a big… a very big landing balloon.I think it ended well without anyone hurt.Life goes on.


  4. Torbik says:

    OffTopic: Belated happy birthday rumeyt.


  5. Scary! I just hope you won’t do the same thing just like in your personal video. Hahaha! Joke. How was your birthday celebration? 🙂


  6. @torbik: tenk u! tenk u! :D@charina: actually, naisip ko nga yung video na yun when i learned about what was happening in the upper floors. hehe.


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