David Archuleta – Imagine

This kid is gonna make it big. Really really big.

I would have posted my own rendition but on second thoughts, I wouldn’t want to steal the spotlight from him. He deserves all the attention.

He really does.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. i don’t get it! i don’t think he has peronality. he looks so .. <>stepford child<>! i am not a fan.


  2. Hahaha.. I had to google “Stepford Child” just to get what you meant. Hehehe.


  3. Torbik says:

    oh he’s really good. come on corics, you can do that! hehe (wink, wink, ubo, ubo)


  4. Torbik says:

    rico, you got mail from me.


  5. Torbik, hwag mo ko i-challenge. Baka magsisi ka! Hehehe. J/K


  6. ellecul says:

    i did not like him before hearing this song. but after this rendition, i’m looking forward to his next performance!


  7. Rose says:

    m looking forward to ur version rics!


  8. Rico! asan na yung magazine cover mo? di man lang ako nakapag-comment… magko-comment na sana ako. 😀


  9. @rose: i actually do have a video of my own rendition pero decided to keep it my myself. it’s for your own good. hehehe.@shierra: deleted it… ang laki kasi nung picture na-overwhelm ako sa sarili ko. hehehe.


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