Why Not Just Speak in Filipino?

Janina San Miguel would have looked smarter if she just spoke in Filipino.

Then again, this is more entertaining. She also wouldn’t have made it to the list of YouTube most viewed videos and people wouldn’t have talked about her.

Good for her!


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  1. gosh! she’s a disaster!


  2. grabeh… sumakit ang ulo ko when I watched this.but then…may point ka rico… sumikat sya dahil jan.. sikat na sya bago pa man ang Ms. World pageant. hehehe


  3. She’s HILARIOUS! I think she’s adorable!I’ve been watching this video n times already and I’m still enjoying it. Hehe. 😀


  4. caryn says:

    i cringed when i saw this video. but then again, she’s just so young! i can’t believe they let a 17-year old join. but then again she does have a few months till the pageant and hopefully she cleans up before then. but you’re right, it did get her attention…even more than that of the other winners who spoke in passable english.


  5. Torbik says:

    im froud dat sheez one op the taf ten and ended up in da taf. i can’t fault the girl. baka naman giniginaw lang. look what she’s wearing… now if only there’s a video of her stripping… google google.


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