Graf beats Navratilova (2008)

Dream Match 2008 was a surprisingly good set of matches!

Kimiko Date beats Martina Navratilova. Steffi Graf beats Navratilova. Date beats Graf.

Against Navratilova, Graf won the tiebreaker 10-5. Both were playing very well.

Shots, slices and serves were accurate. Navratilova was refreshingly funny. Graf was still a force to reckon with although she was obviously tired in her final match with Date. She was crushed 62 63.

Tickets were sold-out. Ariake Coliseum was packed.

I love tennis!


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  1. Sun Jun says:

    man, you’re so lucky!

    you got to see them play live … I’m just hoping to atleast even just see them in person some day.

    Included in my life list of things to do is to visit all of the grand slam tournaments! What do you say we go to New York this year or Australia next year? ^^ The French is too soon for me and London might be too expensive as well..

    I have to get visas first ahihihi.


  2. Game ako Aussie Open! Hehe.


  3. Sun Jun says:

    game! can you plan it? hahaha ^^
    hopefully matuloy tayo …


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