WiFi in Tokyo

I recently bought an iPod Touch and was excited at the idea of being able to connect it to the internet anywhere I can get a free WiFi connection.

And connect I did.

WiFi seems to be all over Tokyo. Walking from my apartment to the station while checking available networks, I can see several. A lot of them are secure but luckily, some are not. I just go near any apartment building and for sure, there are available networks.

I see lots of Livedoor and YahooBB named networks near my place. I also occassionaly see some secure Planex networks, which I do know the default password because I am a Planex network owner myself. I did rename my own network to something else to avoid like-minded people prying into my connection. Hehe.

At the subway stations, I can always see three secure networks… 0033, Docomo and Flets-spot. I guess you need to pay them to be able to access them.

Unfortunately most of the time, signals are one-bar weak and sometimes not enough to actually connect me to the web. The strongest connection I can find is, well, inside my apartment. Hehe.

Seriously, I don’t think WiFi has a future… even in hi-tech Tokyo. Signal is too spotty and unreliable.

Can’t wait for WiMAX!


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