Three Famous People

We met three famous people in Tagaytay this morning.

Starstruck at Sonias, Tagaytay
Starstruck at Sonias, Tagaytay

Tim Yap, Raymond Gutierrez and KC Concepcion. 😀


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  1. Rose says:

    ei! nasa pinas ka?


  2. Jenny says:

    di ko sila kilala. hehehe


  3. Rose, am back in Japan na.Jenny, how can you not know KC (Anak ni Sharon and Gaby)! She’s the only one I knew but my sister told me who the other two were. It seems both Tim and Raymond are Kapuso while KC is Kapamilya.


  4. grace says:

    Papparazi!! Does KC look as beautiful as in the screen and mags?


  5. I changed the picture and made it bigger so you can get a closer look. :)Grace, it’s really hard to tell with the glasses. We didn’t even know it was her until somebody told us it was her. I thought she was pretty though she didn’t really meet the high standards of my ninang and my mom. They were expecting perfection. Hehe.


  6. SUN JUN says:

    wow! bat wala ka sa picture? phtographer? hehehesana nagpapicture ka ng solowith KC hehehe


  7. yun nga eh ako ang photographer. huhu. 🙂


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