Singles Game and Strings

Today, I fought a set against one of the other players from the office tennis club.

I was feeling good and immediately went up 5-1. And then shit happened — my first serve stopped working! My backhand slice started missing the lines! He started playing better.

Slowly, he inched his way up 2-5… 3-5… 4-5 and before I knew it, he was leading 6-5! At that moment, I thought I knew how Roger Federer felt during the first set of that encounter against Rafael Nadal during the 2008 Hamburg Masters. It didn’t feel good at all.

My turn to serve.

Five minutes remaining before our court reservation ends. I needed to win this game to at least end in a tie. How could I have lost the last 5 games! What happened to my first serve! Why am I serving to stay in the set when I was already leading 5-1!

Time’s up. It’s a tie 6-6.


By the way, I was looking at my strings during the game and it’s just shouting “Replace me! Replace me!”. I’m visiting Victoria in Jimbocho this Tuesday to have them replaced.

Natural gut vs Luxilon strings
Natural gut vs Luxilon strings

You can see the main strings (Wilson Natural Gut) is just screaming to be replaced. I got these just three months ago! Natural guts are so not durable. In comparison, the cross strings (Luxilon Big Banger) still looks new.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sun Jun says:

    i bet you loosened up and lost your concentration hehehe ^^

    next time you meet would be an interesting tie break! ^^


  2. i’ll be ready when that time comes. hehehe.


  3. Odie says:

    i feel your pain. Its been tough finding court time since arriving from Australia. I joined this league on the other side of town. Nothing felt right. i only managed to get two serves in. it was demoralizing.

    do you know whats the go with high school courts? I see guys playing in them all the time.


  4. Odie, I have heard of office mates making use of high school courts to practice tennis but I haven’t really tried it.

    I guess you need to know the right people.


  5. Odie says:

    yeah.. i figured.

    Its torture sometimes cause I gotta walk pass these courts every day to get to my station.

    starting to think the 40 minute walk to riverside courts might be what the doctor ordered.


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