61 63 60

That’s the score I saw this morning when I checked to see if Federer finally defeated Nadal at the French Open.


I feel for Federer. He has never lost like this before. This is the person I look up to. This is the person I try to emulate in my tennis. This is the person who I believe is the greatest tennis player the world has ever seen.

How could he have lost with such a demoralizing score line?!! Seeing him lose like this is like seeing Lex Luther bombard Superman with kryptonite bullets. It’s disheartening!

I hope this defeat only makes him a better player. I hope he succeeds in his defense of his Wimbledon crown this year.

I hope.


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  1. Sun Jun says:

    sadness jud!

    specially with that scoreline.
    to think federer even boasted
    about his form and how he thinks
    he’s getting closer to beating
    Nadal and how he thought that this
    will be the year for him to win
    just days before the match.

    i hope he doesn’t lose his fighting spirit ^^


  2. at least he never surrenders before the match. he goes into every match thinking he can win.

    that’s good.


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