I’m a Frustrated Architect

I always wanted to be an architect. Architecture was the first thing that came to my mind when I first applied for University. “There is no money in Architecture” was the common reaction I get when I consulted my family and friends during those times.

If I were not an IT professional now, I would most certainly have been an architect. This also explains my love for Engineering Drawing when I was in University. My sister’s an architect. I also have at least one cousin who’s an architect.

It’s in the blood.

Thank Google for SketchUp, I can still live this dream… at least during my free time.

Here’s something I’ve worked on today – a typical one-bedroom apartment in Tokyo. Maybe I can get real-estate companies to pay me to make these models and prove my friends wrong.



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  1. hoop says:

    I know how you feel… I’m a frustrated pilot myself… Good thing there’s google earth’s flight simulator easter egg to appease my frustration… heheheOT: Blogger just gave me a turing test of “osapggsc” in order to post this comment… talk about a time waster


  2. Google is definitely helping us live our dreams!Sometimes, I also have problems passing those turing tests from Blogger. Makes me doubt if I’m a real human. Hehe.


  3. Torbik says:

    arkitek? what about all those sleepless nights we, your roommates, spent listening to your dreams of becoming a Gigolo someday?!liar!


  4. architect by day, gigolo by night! hehehe. 😀


  5. SUN JUN says:

    hahaha ^^ gigolo is more believable hihihi


  6. thanks for sharing Sketchup! Pareho pala tayo… I also wanted to be an architect and I loved using my T-square, tech pens, etc! I got frustrated when I learned that there’s no more ES courses on the third year.


  7. oh! i miss my t-squares too! and my steadtler pencils! 😀


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