My Japan Story

8 years ago today, I took a plane from the Philippines to Japan.

Who would have thought I’d still be here 8 years later. Of the 9 people I was with on that plane, only 2 of us are still here and yes, we still work together, seated almost next to each other.

Here’s my story to the tune of “The Time Of My Life” by David Cook.


It’s been a blast with its fair share of ups and downs.

Mostly ups.


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  1. SUN JUN says:

    Thanks for sharing rico!It made me smile ^^I should pay tribute to Japan and Just nine as well. hihihi


  2. i wanted to extend my stay in japan but i believe i’m not in such a bad place afterall.happy anniversary to justnine!


  3. sugeina says:

    2:10-2:13you actually put that in… i admire the courage.


  4. @justnine: we need to have a justnine reunion! maybe in 2010 to celebrate 10 years! hehehe.@sugeina: that’s scripted! i used that in a movie i made in december but yeah… “that” is still part of my 8 year story in japan. πŸ˜€


  5. hoop says:

    Has it been that long already for you guys? At least you still look the same… πŸ˜€Kumusta na kaya CKC?OT: oh boy, not another insane turing test for me: “jnmhxfdfq”


  6. ellecul says:

    nice vid! happy 8th year anniversary sayo saka kay marlon (in-assume ko na sha yun katabi mo pa din ngayon πŸ˜€ ).bigotilyo ah hehehe πŸ˜€


  7. Anonymous says:

    Nice story! Nice song! Nice voice, huh! Next, I wanna hear your “wedding bells” story, share us too!


  8. tenk you tenk you. david cook did a wonderful job with the song. πŸ™‚


  9. SUN JUN says:

    what’s a turing test? hehehe


  10. babesrose21 says:

    wow! happy anniversary sa inyo!:D


  11. Anonymous says:

    Cool 8-year journey indeed! 9 laughs and 1 cry..good ratio for a life! hehe Good Luck friend for the next 8 years.. waiting for your next song. πŸ™‚


  12. tenk you tenk you.@sunjun: google is your friend… search for Turing test. medyo geeky. hehehe.


  13. Jan says:

    Wow…I love the acting. hahaha =D Very good editing especially for that crying part. Over na ba tlaga??? hehe =P*I’m bored at home (and it’s ONLY 10am!!!) and I’m following your advice. Pero hindi yung paulit-ulit pakinggan yung songs mo ha. =P*


  14. btw, nice video … nostalgic!you really did good for yourself rico! i’m so proud to be included in your japan story …


  15. @jan: maybe i can add “acting” as one of my talents. hehehe.@charlotte: i’m happy to have to as part of my 8 years as well. πŸ™‚


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