Best Tennis Match Ever

Today, I just saw the BEST tennis match I have ever seen! Ever!

Congratulations to Rafael NADAL for winning Wimbledon 2008! I think he deserved to win even if I was rooting for Roger FEDERER the whole time. Both played amazingly near-perfect tennis for the whole duration of the match, which could possibly be the best tennis match of ALL time!

Roger had the better serve and arguably the better forehand. Nadal had better groundstrokes and was visibly more consistent. Surprisingly, Rafa looked more of a complete player as Roger’s weakness, his backhand, was very evident especially in the first two sets. Rafa took advantage of this by serving almost exclusively to Roger’s backhand, like he always does even at the French Open.

In the end, the player with the better groundstrokes won.

By the way, thanks to NHK for allowing me to see this amazing game in High-Definition Digital Broadcast! It was well worth it!


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