Highlights of my Philippine Trip

Sending the highlights from my last Philippine Trip.

  • Leaving the airport with nobody waiting for me. That’s a first. Sister arrived 40 minutes later.
  • Watching “Blu-ray quality DVDs” (I still don’t get how that’s possible) with my brother and sister. Bonding time with siblings.
  • Watching local television with my dad until 10 PM. He usually sleeps at 7.
  • Receiving a photo album containing pictures since I was one year old from my mom. I brought it with me to Tokyo.
  • Lunch at SLEX Jollibee with three beautiful women dressed for a wedding. Everybody was looking at us.
  • Taking my family to my Makati apartment. Bonding time with family.
  • Beautiful hilltop wedding with amazing fireworks. Nice photo slideshow and videos during the reception.
  • Entering six bars/clubs in Makati in one night. “Heckel & Jeckel” in Jupiter St. is my favorite. “Ice” is too loud. “Temple” is for teenagers. “Club Havana” is for expats.
  • Dinner at Earl’s with my sister. Bonding time with little sister.
  • Coffee at Rockwell Starbucks with friend from university. We can talk for hours.
  • Midnight coffee at Ministop with friend from Highschool. He kept me company as I wait to leave for my 7:45 AM flight.
  • Having to pass through a bazillion x-ray machines before I can ride my plane. I had to remove my shoes and belt at least two times. Talk about redundancy.




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  1. Sun Jun says:

    oi! you went home! how’s your makati apartment doing? hanep! may own condo unit kana. Have it rented so you get passive income if no one’s using it.– signs of the times that people are getting older and are starting to get busy with their own lives? – I though my dad sleeps early at 10. mas maaga pa pala dad mo hehehe– Sentimental post for me. I remember hanging out with a college friend at a ministop ’til the wee hours of the morning as well.– hay, i miss japan rico but i don’t think i’ll ever be back there as well. – as a last note, miss kana talaga ng mommy mo! And so sweet of her to give you an album. Maybe telling you to come home more often! And next time maybe you’ll consider passing by Davao as well. ^^


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