Dried Mango Alternatives

On my recent visit to the Philippines, I decided to go against the flow and not go for the tried-and-tested Dried Mango omiyage.


Top 3. Pastillas de Leche. It is very popular among the Indians. It seems they have something very similar, also made from milk and sugar. It’s also popular among the Chinese but not the Japanese — they think it’s too sweet. One French office mate commented it looks very suspicious.

It does.

Top 2. Polvoron. It is popular among the French and the Americans. One French office mate kept asking for more though unfortunately, I didn’t buy that many. A British office mate commented that it is exotic seeing the casuy and pinipig variants.

The Winner. Drumrolls.

Top 1. Banana Chips! This is suprisingly popular. The packaging did not even say “Export Quality” like the Polvoron and the usual Dried Mangoes. The Japanese love it. I should have bought more of this.

I can start a business exporting Banana Chips to Japan.

Not a bad idea.


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  1. banana chips? … hmmmcould be a successful busines, just like nata-de-coco before …


  2. hoop says:

    I think the secret really is in the packaging… dapat maganda… because if you could see how they make it matatawa ka sa simplicity of the process. malaking kalan lang and wood for cooking. and most of that information is available already with the government agencies (don’t remember if it is dost).The key there is how to get a good buyer from abroad. plus you have to hurdle the export requirements which are the main eaters of your bottom line.another trick is to setup near a source of good banana. davao del norte is where most banana chip makers setup, they use saba but are not averse to using rejected cavendish bananas which are cheaper and were rejected because of physical defects only (scars etc.)


  3. Sun Jun says:

    partner tayo! you find buyers their in Tokyo I’ll send you the supply. hehehe


  4. It looks like a Japanese company, Shoei Foods, already sell Philippine Banana Chips in Japan.Source: http://www.shoeifoods.co.jp/02_product/a13.htmlShould we compete? Hehe.


  5. Pinas lang ba merong polvoron?Napapansin ko ngang marami nang supermarket ang nagbebenta nang banana chips dito…


  6. Sun Jun says:

    Actually there are a lot of Filipino stores in tokyo that sells banana chips as well … I think.It only sells the SABA variety.Maybe we can take hoops advice and sell the cavendish type which are cheaper and probably more sweet than saba. What do you think? hehehe


  7. Booyah! says:

    banana chips, huh? lemme try that next time 😛


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