Bring It On

Yes, my company is having problems.

Yes, I’ll be at work tomorrow.

Bring it on.


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  1. Sun Jun says:

    go Rico!positive lang dapat parate.I’m sure it’ll be easy for you guys to find another if Lehman truly collapses.hope you and M are okay.


  2. rt says:



  3. Sun Jun says:

    @ricoomae ga online de aru koto kakunin dekite iru no ga, nan no henji mo moratte inai no sa. shinpai desu ga, “in your own time” ne.


  4. am back! was just a little stressed the whole week thinking of possible unemployment. i’m better now. thanks all. 😀


  5. Sun Jun says:

    hisus! being unemployed isn’t that bad hehehe. pero I’m glad you’re feeling better.I’m sure dami mo na savings. meron ka na nga condo unit eh.


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