Beautiful Angela Aki Song – Tegami

It’s been a while since a song brought tears to my eyes.

I was watching NHK and there was this Latina looking lady singing a rather beautiful Japanese song. I wasn’t even paying much attention to the lyrics and I didn’t even know who she was but the melody of the song was just beautiful.

Now I know the singer is Angela Aki and the song Tegami (手紙〜拝啓十五の君へ〜) is about a 15 year-old writing a letter to himself/herself. Sad, uplifting and beautiful.


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  1. sim says:

    nice indeed


  2. sim says:

    now, i am understanding it. haha!it verified my understanding at least. mo, medyo poetic eh.


  3. The animation was nice but the translation was pretty bad. Hehe.


  4. Sun Jun says:

    if Filipinos are experiencing quarter life crisis at 25, Japanese seem to be experiencing it 15? heheheano na tawag dyan? ^^tama talaga, when in doubt, just believe in yourself and follow your heart hihihi ^^


  5. Sun Jun says:

    i forgot to say … why don’t you do a cover of a japanese song? ^^


  6. I wanted to cover this particular “Tegami” song but then I realized I wanted my readers to experience the raw beauty of the Angela song. Hehe.


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