Not On Time

Eight years in Japan taught me how to be always on time. Now that I’m again surrounded by Filipinos, I’m having problems adjusting back to Filipino time.

It’s not uncommon I see myself waiting for friends who are always oh so fashionably late. Even if I try to force myself to just come in late just like everybody else, I can’t!

Being always on time is a trait I do not want to lose even if it would mean having to forever wait for my oh so fashionably late friends.

Or maybe, I should just find new friends. It’s always been my policy to surround myself with good people, and at least in my book, tardiness is a most definite no-no.


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  1. Sun Jun says:

    tama! being on time should always be observed! i still sometimes forget that I’m in the phils. already and still expect people to come on time. hihihibut i don’t mind because i don’t want to be late. (but lately na lelate na din ako especially for occasions that i don’t feel like going to) hehehe


  2. So if I set up an appointment with you and you come in late, I know what that means. Hehehe.


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