Handkerchiefs and Undershirts

I started to rid myself of two non-essentials.

First, handkerchiefs. Why use them when I can use tissue paper that’s readily available in most places? I got rid of this after a colleague vividly described how dirty a handkerchief can get after a whole day’s usage.

Second, undershirts. I don’t think I need them especially when it’s cold and we don’t normally sweat as much as during the summer. I got rid of this after unsuccessful attempts to keep my white undershirts white. I need to learn more laundry techniques.

Having less laundry is always good. Good for the environment too considering I use less water.

I wonder what I should put next on my list.




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  1. Sun Jun says:

    how about socks? hehehe just wear loafers or slippers all the time ^^


  2. konfyujon says:

    So, how dirty does a handkerchief get? I guess I should be washing mine more often!! (>_< )


  3. i understand getting rid of handkerchiefs, but NO undershirt! that looks untidy, nasty!


  4. what do you mean, charlotte? i know a lot of people at the office with no undershirt and i don’t think they look untidy or nasty. some are actually fashionable and professional-looking. i guess it depends on how you carry yourself without the undershirt. hehehe.


  5. well i think you are right. it all depends …when i was working for epson murai, i can tell among the guys at the office which ones are married and which ones are not by what they wear. the ones with gleeming white undershirt top with well pressed polo shirts are married and the single ones wear what looks like they-have-been-wearing-it-for-a-week wrinkled polo shirts over no undershirts. i know this is a little bit off the topic but that’s probably where i got my not very good impression with not wearing undershirts …


  6. Understandable. We do tend to base our opinions on previous experiences just like how we based our opinions on people we see at our offices.I’m not married but I do have well-pressed dress shirts because I send them to the cleaners. Hehe.


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