State of the Mutual Fund

After much hesitation, I decided to check the status of my mutual funds and see how it has been performing so far. I’ve been making regular monthly contributions for almost two years now.

Gain/Loss Percentage: -28.61%



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  1. Erick says:

    Rico, I know what you mean! Good thing I was able to shift my account to fixed income after Lehman collapsed and only lost around 10%.


  2. Smart move, Erick!After Lehman (my old employer) collapsed, my main priority was to secure my job first. Hehe.


  3. Sun Jun says:

    i can relate! my balanced fund is actually down around 40% already 😦surprisingly, my dollar bond fund which invests mostly in fixed income is going down as well 😦 hay naku! And the phil. stock index is at its lowest today! hay naku! when will it stop. sakit sa loob! i’m thinking of withdrawing them pero i don’t wanna make the lose a reality! kaso the longer it stays there parang lalo pang bumababa!


  4. Sun Jun says:

    i have to give credit to BPIs funds. ALFM in particular is still doing fairly well.ING ka inis!


  5. Good luck to all of us. Hehe.


  6. Sun Jun says:

    PSI down 12% today haaaay!should i get out already? what do you think? i need advise badly. ^^


  7. It depends really. Would you follow Warren Buffet’s advice of “If everyone is afraid, be greedy. If everyone is greedy, be afraid”?Everybody is afraid now.


  8. Sun Jun says:

    ewan hehehe …but I think I’ll keep it there. ^^I actually want to buy more if only I had more to spare. ^^


  9. aba! malakas ang loob! hehehe.


  10. Booyah! says:

    You might find consolation in knowing that I’m losing more money than you. I’m at -47% now.Heartbroken.visit my blog too:


  11. I just checked again. I think I’m now at -32%. Worse than a few days ago but I guess still a far cry from -47%.I hope things get better soon for all of us mutual fund holders.Btw Booyah, I don’t think we’ve met but I’m sure we have lots of common friends as I use to live in Kagoshima. Nice to meet you.


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