Return of the Super Yen

Just how strong is the yen right now? It’s so strong it’s cheaper to buy a book from Amazon US than from Amazon Japan!

I bought a book from Amazon US and it only cost me 3,283 yen and that includes international shipping. Buying the exact same book from Amazon Japan would cost me 4,459 yen.

That’s a 26% saving from the Amazon Japan cost!

As of this writing, 1 USD = 92.8332714 JPY according to Google although the exchange rate being used by Amazon is 1 USD = 96.1580751144 JPY. Even with that inaccurate exchange rate, it is still cheaper.


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  1. sim says:

    How long does the shipping takes?Just bought one last week at Kinokuniya, thought I can never wait to flipping those pages.Hehe, but true.I wonder if one can buy an Apple product from Apple US online and deliver it in other country? Is there an extra tax?


  2. sim says:

    ah, maybe can help for those who wanted savings in electronics.1. MacBook US – $1,599 MacBook JP – Y184,800 MacBook Kakaku – Y169,780 rate US $1 = Y 94.2240648#1 above is just Y 150,664+It is still around Y19,000 expensive.—I onced saw this cheapest promo plane fare to the US, that’s just less than Y20,000.You can actually just go in the US from Japan and buy the electronics there. 😀 (Just bring your own fuel. Hehe.)


  3. sugeina says:

    US trip! las vegas, anyone?


  4. Sim, the shipping i chose was standard shipping… 18-32 days.Sugeina, not a bad idea. Hehehe.


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