Lead Me Lord

Even if I am not the religious type, I still love religious songs. Must be all that exposure I had when I was young listening to church music, joining church choirs, and well, my singing big brother.


Here’s my big bro singing Lead me Lord at a Bukas Palad concert in Pampanga.


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  1. Sun Jun says:

    wow! hanep talaga!uy! all along i thought he was your younger brother hehehe ^^ you have a bigger built kasi ^^


  2. Yeah, people always think he’s younger. I always thought it was because he is always smiling. Ngayon ko lang narinig yung because I have a bigger build. I do, and I’m also taller. Manong na manong. Hehe.


  3. meemax says:

    Geh! Somewhat magkaboses kayo. Parang ikaw yung naririnig ko kase hehehe. Galing!ey picture tayo sa Tokyo Dome or Rikuguen. Ganda nya ngayon. ^_^


  4. Tokyo Dome or Rikuguen? Sure! When?


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