Magic Mic Competition

Looks like Magic Mic is going to have some tough competition in the form of JoySound Wii due on December 18.

I think the game comes with about a hundred pre-bundled Japanese songs but you can access 30,000 songs if you pay them a measly 300 yen for 24 hour unlimited access or up to 2000 yen for 90 days unlimited access.

Not bad. I’m sure the number of songs will also increase in the coming months. I checked their list of songs and no Filipino songs yet.

I feel so cheap talking about this in such detail.

Oh well. Hehe.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. meemax says:

    Walang cheap-cheap! Gusto ko rin nyan! Kuha ka! Tapos bisita ako lagi pag me Tagalog songs na.


  2. i can see you with total glee over this!


  3. Sun Jun says:

    wow! great business idea.karaoke over the net. ingenious.


  4. great business idea indeed.i was thinking of participating in the pre-selling but i realized i’ll just wait and see if the service is actually good. baka naman midi files lang yung dina-download na yan. hehehe.


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