When Great People Fall

Last weekend, I watched a boxing match pitting Oscar De La Hoya against Manny Pacquiao. Initially, I thought it was a mismatch against our shorter kababayan. Nothing could have prepared me for the outcome.

Manny won. Convincingly in 8 rounds.

While I celebrate with all my kababayans with this victory (Yehey!), there is this part of me that feels bad about the loss of the great Mexican-American. It is the same feeling I get when I read about the fall of Rome or the fall of Egypt. It is the same feeling I get when Federer lost to Nadal at Wimbledon 2008.

It’s the feeling I get when great people lose to younger opponents. Maybe this confirms I’m a conservative – that I want to maintain the status quo. I want great people and great civilizations to remain great. Why change greatness if it’s already great.

But of course great people grow old and civilizations fall. Autumn leaves fall to give way to newer Spring leaves.

A few years from now, Manny will suffer a similar loss to a younger up-and-coming boxer. Chances are, I will feel bad for him as well.

But that will not take a way the fact that he is still great.


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  1. Sun Jun says:

    kasi you aspire for the best.syempre you don’t want the same thing to happen to you. ^^ greatness needs to be maintained … you can be great for a period of time and then forgotten the next. Kaya they say it is better to invest in the hearts of people ^^


  2. Invest in the hearts of people? I like that phrase. Hehe.


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