Blogging For Ten Years!

Ten years ago in 1999, I was reading a compilation of short writings by Jose Rizal when I realized how powerful the written word can be. One hundred years after his death, people could still take a peek at his thoughts and his ideas. He was immortalized through his writings.

Suffering from a mild case of ‘delusions of grandeur’, I thought people one hundred years after my death would certainly want to read about me as well.

So I started writing.

I went from being a very serious writer, inspired by the great Jose Rizal, to the more casual boy-next-door-singing-nonsense blogger that I am now. So much for my delusions of grandeur.

Here are some of the highlights.

Serious Rico

I wrote about the death of a friend, who was shot to his death by hired gunmen, in what was allegedly a fraternity-related incident. Reading this entry still inspires me to this day.

Japayuki Rico

Starting a new life in Japan provided enough inspiration for me to write more. This series of articles actually made me famous among new grads wanting to work for my first company. It became normal for me to meet new Filipinos in the office and they would tell me how they know all about me from my blogs.

Atheist Rico

Trying to put all my religious views in writing, I wrote Meditations of an Atheist. As expected, it drew a lot of comments from religious people trying to convince me back into the religious flock. The exchanges in the comment section is as interesting as the article itself.

Rico in love

After years of avoiding putting anything personal in my blog, I decided to maybe loosen up a bit and this is what happened. Even the people who convinced me to blog more personal stuff got an overdose. I think this entry earned the most number of comments in my 10-year history.

Rico in love no more

Some good things never last. As it turned out, my relationship with the girl was one of them. I spent the most part of January 2008 recovering from it and blogging about it kinda helped. This marked the end of me blogging about personal stuff. All that drama made me decide to return to my old self and blog less about my personal life.

So I guess until I decide to write about personal stuff again, you’ll have to suffer listening to my songs and watching me play the piano. Hehe.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Grace says:

    Congrats on the blogging milestone. I noticed nga that you stopped blogging after that love affair. Amused pa naman kaming mga fans mo…hehehe.Here’s to another 10 years of blogging Rico!


  2. i have wanted to post comment but couldn’t, the comment area was <>invisible<> for sometime. (technical issues)anyway, congratulations! i’ve always been a fan of your blogging even before… so keep it up! and i really didn’t mind those personal posts. they are actually refreshing coming from you…


  3. Thanks Charm! Pansin ko nga rin yung nawala yung comment area pero looks like all’s good now. 😀


  4. saludo talaga ako sa yo idol Rico! congrats!


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