The Weak One

How big could a problem be to merit ending one’s own life? How weak could a person be to think there is no other solution?

Yesterday, a person decided to end his life on the tracks of Tokyo’s Hibiya line.

An hour later, the rails were cleaned. The trains resumed. Life moved on.

Except for one.


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  1. do you know exactly how they cleaned/cleared the tracks? they used a big vacuum cleaner. imagine that, you decide to end your life by the tracks, you end up in a vacuum cleaner….


  2. Torbik says:

    i guess the poor guy was still, relatively, lucky. if he were pinoy and decided to call it quits by becoming MRT roadkill, he wouldn’t end up in a vacuum cleaner. he’d be rat food. or a new star in a carlo caparas flick. OT: Rico, maligayang kaarawan. Enjoy ako dito sa blog mo, except for the parts were you sing. Pag pamagat ng kanta ang title ng blog entry hindi ko na binabasa e. hehe. Isang lagok ng gin bulag para sa ‘yo rumeyt!


  3. Charlotte, I don’t even want to see that vacuum cleaner. Yay!Torbik, I think tapos na ko sa phase of posting singing videos. I think I’m going back to posting more serious, more meaningful blogs. Hehe.


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